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we have been making SKK individual packaging for everyday products. Whether creative special solutions, transparent folding boxes or classic plastic boxes - our plastic packaging fits like a second skin to your product, placing it in the spotlight. We develop clever marketing concepts and advertising solutions for shop windows and shelves thus creating your representative business card at the point of sale. We put your ideas into practice, flexibly and competently, helping you sell your product even better.

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Höhere Verkaufszahlen Ihres Produktes

Bessere Transparenz des Umweltschutzes für Ihre Kunden

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Nice packaging is your best advertising.
We put your product in the limelight.

A good packaging not only strikes the eye – it sends a buying imuplse to your customer in the moment of decision-making. Intelligent packaging that matches your product can be critical to whether or not your goods end up in the shopping cart. We help you to win your customers over in the moment when it counts, producing ideal plastic packaging for your product.


Whether rectangular, round or flat - our transparent packaging fits perfectly to your product.

Clear folded boxes
Your product takes center stage and our packaging draws attention to what is inside the box. Thanks to the transparent visible packaging and clear folding cartons, the customer’s eye is immediately directed to your goods and it is superbly protected.

more about clear folded boxes (in German)


Round boxes
Food must be packaged safely and cleanly. Our plastic boxes meet the highest requirements and look great. Our plastic boxes with a lid, whether classic or stackable, are the ideal clear packaging for your goods.

more about round boxes (in German)

Cushion boxes
Special promotional gifts deserve extravagant packaging. With our cushion boxes you can present your gifts in style. We can produce practical cushion boxes or bags transparently or design them exactly as you want them to be.


Practical for the consumer,
suitable for our customers.

Smart Packaging
Innovative packaging solutions are only successful if they also keep up with the practical situation and the complete production process is designed efficiently and sustainably. Our expert team will develop clear transparent packaging and individual packaging that is “smart” with you.

More Smart Packaging Solutions (in German)

Clear packing without solvents
Hygiene is not a luxury for clear food packaging, it is an absolute must. Our snap-on lid machine guarantees an extremely stable, tear-resistant and clean production of clear boxes, in which the product reaches your customer in its best shape.

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